Co-Creating Ireland

researching the co-creation of policy & public services in Ireland

About this project

Governments, public sector and community organisations are addressing increasingly complex challenges such as the ageing society, climate change, sustainable behaviour change, youth unemployment, Continue reading “About this project”

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Design for Policy

The last few decades has seen the emergence of “design for policy” and “design for public services”. This has been happening alongside the emergence of a number of other design practices such as social design Continue reading “Design for Policy”

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Field Notes

We will be providing initial insights into the possibility of co-creating public services in Ireland. We will also explore the appropriate context for this e.g. a policy or social lab, direct commissioning, design activism.

Continue reading “Field Notes”

Irish Context

In Ireland there is currently no platform or policy lab at national government level working on the co-creation of public services. Continue reading “Irish Context”

Labs, iTeams, Designers

There is a growing investment in policy labs, social labs and iTeams which in broad terms can act as spaces where policy makers and service providers are engaging Continue reading “Labs, iTeams, Designers”


Social innovation is vital to the future of public services. Social innovation demands the co-creation of public service design Continue reading “Co-Creation”


We do often get asked to explain some terms and jargon that we use. We thought it would be useful to have a glossary of terms for people that may be unsure of what we are referring to. Continue reading “Glossary”

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